Tallawah Woman Dem

Women...or as we say in Jamaica..Woman Dem...are the backbone and strength of our culture.   We all have it in us to be #Tallawah...you. me. she. her? Why not?
Tallawah Unisex Flip-Flops
Starting at $22.00
Back N Front Women's Cut...
Starting at $29.00
Back N Front ....Unisex Heavy...
Starting at $45.00
Eat. Pray. Love and Tallawah...
Starting at $30.00
Judah Casual Leggings
Starting at $29.99
Ladies Tallawah Back and Front...
Starting at $40.00
Judah Ladies Crop Hoodie
Starting at $49.00
Just Judah Unisex Trucker Cap
Tallawah Women's Crop top
Starting at $20.00
Tallawah Lifestyle... Varsity Jacket
Starting at $60.00
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